Are Your Goals Helping or Hurting You?.p

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How do you respond to stress? Do you shut down? 

Do you numb out with alcohol, food, shopping, exercise or work?

Do you get angry? Get tired? 

Do you look unsuccessfully to “self-care” for the magic cure? 


Find out if your stress response is harming you and what you can do about it.  


All Workshops are taught by Chantal Donnelly, Physical Therapist and Resilience Toolkit Certified Facilitator.  

Level 1

Level 1

How, When, and Why to Settle Your
Nervous System: 
The Foundation
Level 2

Level 2

How, When, and Why to Settle Your
Nervous System: 
Exercise, Metabolism, Nutrition and Self Care
Level 3

Level 3

How, When, and Why to Settle Your
Nervous System:
Resilience and Review

Teens and Pre-teens

This workshop is by request only.  If a group of teen or pre-teen friends are interested, contact Chantal.

Chronic Pain

Stress can exacerbate pain as well as impede recovery from chronic pain.

Sex & Sensuality

Connecting to
one’s body and with
one’s sexuality and sensuality.

**If you would like to arrange a private workshop for you and a group of friends, please contact Chantal. **

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All workshops are held in virtually now due to the Coronavirus. 

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