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 A book about stress management from a physical therapy perspective.


How to Find Calm in a
Stress-Inducing World

Why I wrote this book:

As a PT, I witnessed how stress impeded my patients’ recovery. I could help them unwind their muscles, joints, and connective tissue, but life would wind it back up again.

In my own life, stress was whipping me around from hyper-vigilance to shut down and back again. For me, stress was a rollercoaster ride of fatigue, neck pain, as well as career stagnation and self-sabotaging behaviors.

My personal frustration in conjunction with my desire to be a more effective healer led me to study the science of stress.

I discovered that a settled nervous system lives in the body. Incorporating my anatomy and physiology education with the research on stress was a game changer. I began to communicate with my body and to teach others to do the same.

The big take away:

People believe we can think our way out of stress, but stress originates below the skull. Body-based tools are key to managing anxiety and overwhelm.

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It is essential that you recognize when your stress responses are helpful and when your reactions aren't serving you. Learn to listen to your body so you can reap the benefits of stress while minimizing its negative effects. Regain the sense of calm, ease, and openness you are looking for. How? In SETTLED, I will teach you.

The book’s mission:

SETTLED isn’t just about helping people on an individual level. In finding more moments of calm throughout our day, the benefits spillover into our connection with others. We become more compassionate, less reactive, and increase our capacity to help others. 

A settled nervous system creates a better world.

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What you'll learn:

When stress is desirable and helpful.

How to map your stress responses on “The Stress Quadrant”.

Factors that affect your stress threshold.

When stress is damaging and unwanted and what to do about it.

How to get unstuck if you are constantly in survival mode.

How to “talk” to your body through tools based in movement, stretching, breathing, engaging your senses, and social connections.

You will love this book if you are:

  • an overachiever trying to avoid burnout so you can enjoy your success
  • sensitive to stress
  • a parent holding on by a thread and needing more support
  • looking to improve your physical health or your relationships
  • wanting to boost your tolerance for discomfort associated with your goals and dreams. 
  • overwhelmed by stress and can’t think or talk your way out of it.

Book Review

Culture Honey | "Settled is a book that will provide necessary insights and tools to many who struggle with the multiple physical and emotional symptoms that stress causes."
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Your journey to calm starts here

Settled Book Cover (8).png

​Regain the sense of vitality, ease, and connection you are longing for. Say goodbye to the stress rollercoaster and say hello to a settled and balanced life. 

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