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 A Workshop and Book Club

Your six-session sanctuary guided by  Chantal Donnelly
Ever felt like the world's just spinning a tad too fast, and your stress levels are trying to keep pace?
You're not alone; we've all been there. But what if there was a way to hit the pause button, breathe out, and actually find a bit of calm in this whirlwind we call life? Good news: there is, and it's closer than you think.
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Settled: A Workshop and Book Club

Your six-session sanctuary guided by none other than Chantal Donnelly, the brilliant mind behind the book Settled: How to Find Calm in a Stress-Inducing World. Imagine cozying up with a community of folks who are all on the same quest for peace amidst chaos.

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This isn't your average book club. Each 1.5-hour session is a mix of insight, interactive self-regulation exercises, and open-hearted discussions led by Chantal. She'll kick things off with a 20-minute chat, dive into exercises that teach you to whisper sweet nothings to your nervous system, and then open the floor to your thoughts, questions, or that "aha" moment you just gotta share.



Thought you could outthink stress? Think again. Stress lives in the nooks and crannies of our bodies, playing hide and seek with our peace of mind. Discover body-based tools to manage anxiety, learn the subtle art of stress dialects, and how to embrace its perks while kicking its drawbacks to the curb. It's all about regaining your calm, ease, and that sense of openness you've been craving.



  • 6 sessions (Yep, we're recording them, so no FOMO if you miss one)

  • Tuesdays at 4 pm Pacific (That's 7 pm Eastern for our friends on the other side)

  • Starting March 5th, with the grand finale on April 23rd

Session Dates:

  • March 5th: The Foundation

  • March 12th: Factors That Influence Stress

  • March 19th: Brain-Body Communication Glitches

  • April 9th: The Tools

  • April 16th: Relationships and Stress

  • April 23rd: Facing the Uncomfortable

Ready to Get Settled?

The price is only $144 - that’s the steal of the century. Just remember to snag your copy of the book separately (trust us, it’s a keeper). 

Just us for this journey into calm. It’s more than a workshop; it’s a community, a conversation, and maybe the start of something wonderful. Can’t wait to see you there!

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