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Computer Rest Break Programs: Ergonomic Software for Workplace Health

Decrease Computer Health Problems

Taking rest breaks in the workplace is one of the best ways to prevent repetitive strain injuries and avoid computer back pain, computer wrist pain, computer neck pain or computer headaches. New ergonomic software products for better workplace health have been designed to remind you to take rest breaks from your computer-based activities.

It sounds easy to take a break, but as you start to concentrate on the business at hand, you will undoubtedly forget about your posture and taking breaks. That is where workplace injury prevention or ergonomic software steps in to keep you on track.

Purpose of Computer Rest Break Programs

  • Reminds you when to take regular micro-breaks
  • Reminds you when to take longer, stretch breaks
  • Reminds you to watch your posture
  • Helps bring awareness to any tension you may hold in your body while working at a desk
  • Takes you through desk exercises and stretches

Benefits of Computer Rest Break Programs

  • Can be effective tools to reduce your risk of a repetitive strain injury
  • Can reduce computer health problems such as computer back pain, computer neck pain and computer headaches
  • Can minimize the cumulative effects of prolonged sitting
  • Can improve productivity by improving mental focus and decreasing errors

There are several computer rest break programs out there, but only a few I really like. I have talked to all of my ergonomic experts as well as hand therapists and I would like to share with you the best computer break reminder software on the market:

RSI Guard | Desktop Ergonomic Software

RSI Guard Desktop Ergonomic Software