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Rest Break Product Features

BreakTimer:  This feature tells you when to take a rest break.  The RSIGuard Rest Break program can tell when you need to take a break based on the intensity of your work (how fast and how hard to type) and by analyzing your natural rest patterns. Now that is using technology in your favor! 

BreakTimer will show you stretches, which you can do during your break time. You can choose not to watch the stretching demonstrations.  If you do choose not too,  I would hope that you would do my stretches from the Pain Free At Work DVD or get up and move around. 

ForgetMeNots:  This RSIGuard feature has two amazing goals.  ForgetMeNots remind you to take microbreaks.  Microbreaks are little mini-breaks that you should take every 30 minutes to 60 minutes in addition to your longer stretch breaks. The microbreaks are only 30 seconds long, but can be very beneficial at reducing tension and avoiding pain at a computer. 

The other helpful thing about the ForgetMeNot feature is that, every once in awhile, you will get a little pop up in the corner of your monitor guiding your attention to how your body is feeling and what your body is doing. This is so effective for me.  

I can’t tell you how many times I will be typing away and a little notice pops up on my monitor asking me if I am holding any tension in my neck and shoulders… am I breathing deeply or fast and in a shallow fashion? Those little reminders go a long way to improving my posture and getting me out of bad habits. 

AutoClick:  Many hand therapists friends SWEAR BY AutoClick because it helps their patients with hand pain and wrist pain immensely. AutoClick allows you to stop using a mouse in the traditional way. When you stop moving the mouse, it automatically clicks for you without you having to use your fingers.

If the mouse is your enemy, AutoClick is your new best friend. I am told that this feature can be a little challenging to get accustomed to, but that, if you have hand pain, it is well worth the effort to get used to it. 


KeyControl:  This feature is great if you tend to perform the same task with your mouse or keypad over and over again.  You can set it up so that the repetitive task happens with a single key press. You can also re-map the position of the keys on your keyboard with this feature (that would be a fun April Fools trick, but it is also beneficial because it changes repetitive patterns and muscle usage)

Work Restriction Manager:  This feature helps people who have been given medical restrictions for computer-based activities by monitoring their adherence to the doctor-prescribed work restrictions. 

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