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Reduce the aches and pains associated with office desk work now!

If you spend more than one hour of your day at a desk, this program is for you. Created by physical therapist, Chantal Donnelly, Pain Free At Work offers therapeutic exercises for office workplace ergonomics.

This video will help you prevent and reduce:

  • headaches

  • neck pain

  • back pain

  • arm and hand pain

 The video features:

  • Secrets to Pain-free posture

  • Home Exercise Routine -- specifically designed to help you sit

  • Exercises at your Desk

  • After Work Stretching Routine

  • Tips on Office Workplace Ergonomics

  • Hand and wrist pain management

  • Stress Management Advice

  • Exercise Modifications for all fitness levels

You deserve more energy, decreased risk of repetitive strain injuries and improved productivity!


"Pain Free at Work" has literally changed my life. I spend all week long sitting at a computer anomy neck, shoulders, and arms are often strained and fatigued. After devoting time to Chantal Donnelly's exercises the pain has subsided. One of the most stunning changed has been with continued use of a foam roller detailed in her program.

I cannot recommend these exercises information highly enough. It has quite truly changed my health for the better.

This DVD is a life saver for anybody who works on a computer, in an office , or at a desk. Who knew how easy it was to be pain free? And this is good for people who don't have pain too because Ms. Donnelly shows you simple ways to keep it that way.

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