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Nearly everyone has experienced knee pain. Whether it’s caused by arthritis, excessive foot pronation, or overuse ...


Chantal teaches you an exercise designed to strengthen the glut muscles without adding undue stress to the knee joint. Decrease knee pain using this simple ...

Pasadena Magazine

"What does it mean to decrease your stress? Self-care doesn't seem to be working for people; we seem to be living for vacations..."

Pilates Style article

This article acts as a resource guide for all our pilates injury preventions...

Woman's World

Nearly one in three American's has some kind of knee pain...

Pilates Style
When you think about pilates, you think about connecting with your body, not with the internet. ...

Physical therapist Chantal Donnelly, owner of Body Insight in Los Angeles, has seen firsthand how the right exercise routine can...

BEST HEALTH MAGtone-joints.jpg

The right workout can help ease your joint woes. Here are six moves to tone the muscles around your knees, hips and shoulders....

balanceball therapy.jpg

Balance Ball exercises can prevent and rehabilitate injuries and help alleviate chronic pain...

Pasadena Magazine

Chantal Donnelly was voted one of Pasadena's top 40 women under 40....

Woman's Day Magazine_edited.jpg

Whether you workout morning, noon, or night, we've got a perfect plan to help you lose weight...

Tracey Mallett's Sexy in Six

In Tracey Mallet’s first fitness and nutrition book, Chantal offers her expert advice on keeping your back pain free.

Conceive Magazine

In this article, Chantal tells how to prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy. Specific exercises performed before getting pregnant will help reduce low back pain associated with pregnancy

Advance Magazine

In an article designed for physical therapist and physical therapist assistants, Chantal discusses the merits of Yoga and Pilates in a rehabilitation setting.

Oxygen Magazine

Chantal outlines the best ways to avoid exercise-induced headaches. She discusses the importance of proper hydration

Alternative Medicine Magazine

Chantal discusses how the emphasis on breathing and ribcage mobility in Pilates exercises can help people with asthma.

Women's Adventure
Join Forces for Healthy Joints

Winter sports can do a number on the knees, especially on women’s knees. Maintaining healthy joints and ligaments will keep your powder days injury-free. ...

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