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I created Body Insight in 2006 as a way of providing injury prevention through exercise and education.I was frustrated that so many of my patients were waiting months, sometimes years to seek professional help for a physical injury. Over time, injuries become more chronic, more stubborn. It is much easier to prevent an injury (or address it at its onset) than it is to heal from tissue changes resulting from prolonged pain and inflammation. The

questions became: “How do I help people before they come hobbling into my physical therapy clinic?” and “How do I get helpful information to people before their pain gets out of hand?” 


The company’s mission is to produce high-quality content and products that will give people the tools they need to move better and feel better. Pain can be so disempowering. Body Insight empowers people by providing tools, techniques, and education designed to prevent or diminish pain.

I recently became certified as a stress expert and Resilience Toolkit Facilitator.  I was noticing that my patients were getting better with physical therapy, however, they would often experience a recurrence of pain after stressful periods in their lives. Often, if there was high levels of stress at home or in the workplace, pain relief was short lived.  It makes sense.  Chronic stress causes inflammation in the body and is highly correlated with chronic pain.  I felt the need to add to my knowledge base so that I could help patients mitigate the negative effects that stress was having on their bodies. Current day “stress management” looks very different than it did 20 years ago.  There is some exciting new research and understanding of the nervous system that can help everyone learn to protect themselves from the harmful effects of stress on both the mind and the body. I am excited to now be able to incorporate stress and resilience education into my private practice and workshops.  


Body Insight Inc. is available to conduct innovative Injury Prevention and Wellness Seminars:


Seminars can be held at your office or facility or can take place at the Body Insight studio in Pasadena, CA. Pricing for seminars depends on location, travel expenses and number of attendees. Contact Chantal for further information.

Health and Resilience Expert

Chantal Donnelly is available as an expert on the following topics: 

Stress and Resilience 

Stress as it relates to exercise, diet and metabolism

Stress and Chronic Pain

Pilates and Pilates Rehabilitation 

Injury prevention 

Knee Pain

Back Pain

Computer-Related Injuries

Private Physical Therapy

Chantal Donnelly sees patients privately at the Body Insight studio located in Pasadena, California. She specializes in Pilates rehabilitation as well as manual therapy and stress management. Contact Chantal if you are interested in her physical therapy and wellness services.

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