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Strong Knees Video

Eliminate Knee Pain Now! Perfect for any age group and any fitness level.

This video was created by physical therapist Chantal Donnelly to help you prevent and reduce chronic, aching knee pain.  Simple beginner and intermediate level knee pain exercises will help you strengthen and stretch your way to pain-free knees. 

The video includes: 

  • A "7 Minutes to Save Your Knees" abridged workout

  • Exercise Modifications for all fitness levels

  • Explanations of the purpose of the exercises

  • Self-massage techniques


I just received your Strong Knees DVD and wanted to tell you it is the best DVD I have ever received on anything. They way you explain and show the movement was wonderful. Thanks again for your DVD.

Thank you, Chantal for helping to make sense of proper exercising and stretching for the knee and back. I love how you explain.

After a hard workout I pop in your DVD and my knees feel better immediately after I complete the DVD. Thank you for your research and knowledge in this area. I have spent tons of money trying to feel better and your DVD does it all.

Best DVD ever. Suffered from tendonitis and in just one week my knee pain went away. Thank you for this amazing DVD. Exercises are simple and effective.

I'm loving your strong knees dvd... it's amazing and it's helping me so much. The exercises are

almost the same my Physical therapist gave me (but better) and I don't have to pay for the


I have patella femoral syndrome and my doctor recommended that I strengthen the muscles surrounding my knee. This DVD is perfect for me, but I also plan to buy copies for my parents and friends! Keep up  the good work.

I’m doing the exercises regularly as suggested and I really do feel the difference. Your explanations on how certain muscles support knee movement are excellent. Thanks for a great exercise DVD!

I began experiencing knee pain several years ago and assumed I would eventually have knee replacement surgery, as my mom did. This DVD has changed my future outlook, strengthened

my knees and reduced my pain so I no longer need my knee brace.

I have used this DVD on and off for more than a year. I have knee pain from repetitive use. I am on my feet most of the day. This DVD helps strengthen my knees and helps to relieve the pain. I can go up and downstairs much easier.

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