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How To Prevent Low Back Stiffness


Low Back Stiffness is a common complaint of people who spend a lot of time sitting or driving. There are two important muscle groups that get tight when sitting. Both of these muscle groups attach to the pelvis and lower spine and therefore pull on the lower bones of the body creating back pain and/or back stiffness if they are inflexible.

The two muscle groups in question are the HAMTRINGS and the HIP FLEXORS.


The hamstring muscles are at the back of the thigh, while the main hip flexor muscle (the psoas) travels diagonally from the lower spine to the front of the body, finally attaching to the inner aspect of your hip.






Both the hamstrings and the hip flexors can impact your posture. It is important to stretch these muscles out in order to maintain a balance between the front and back sides of the body. Inflexibility in these muscles can produce an uncomfortable pull on the spine or pelvis, which you will experience as back stiffness or back pain.


You will find a good hamstring stretch in one of the other articles on this website. Link to Knee stretch - hamstrings.

Click on this YouTube link for a demonstration of a hip flexor stretch.

hip flexors
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