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  • Claudia Scott
    I have used Chantel's Strong Knees over the past year when my knee would act up.. within a couple of days, I was feeling fine.. this after spending months in therapy. When I brought her DVD into the therapist, he reluctantly agreed that I got as much from it as from attending his sessions.. I love her program. Thank you Chantel
  • Jennifer Wilshaw, Fitness Trainer and Wellness Specialist
    This testimonial must begin with my sincerest THANKS to Chantal. Her caring, encouraging, thorough, and professional approach to wellness have taken me from the darkness of chronic pain into the light of healing."Strong Knees" relieved me of all of my ongoing knee pain. It is amazing! Needless to say, I purchased Chantal's "Pain-Free at Work" dvd due to the tremendous success I have experienced from Chantal's first dvd. Please keep them coming, Chantal! You have a wonderful gift!
  • Sybil age 73
    I just receive your strong knees dvd, and wanted to tell you it is the best dvd I have ever receive on any thing. The way you explain and show the movement was wonderful. Thanks again for your dvd.
  • Omar
    I just got your Strong Knees video. It's fantastic! Do you plan to also do one for other areas of the body, i.e., shoulders, back? Even some shoulder exercises on your website would be helpful in the meantime. Thanks so much!
  • Gillian
    I did your Strong Knees DVD this am and I just want to say THANK YOU for making a much needed, interesting, informative, well cued DVD. I have patella femoral syndrome and my doctor recommended that I strengthen the muscles surrounding my knee. This DVD is perfect for me, but I also plan to buy copies for my parents and friends! Keep up the good work.
  • Carla
    Hi Chantal, I just wanted to let you know that I'm loving your strong knees dvd... it's amazing and it's helping me so much. The exercises are almost the same my Physical therapist gave me (but better) and I don't have to pay for the copays!!!
  • Jenna (a Pilates instructor)
    I just had to tell you that two of my clients bought your knee video and they both RAVED about it. Said it saved their knees and they have no more pain.
  • Viola
    Thank you Chantal for helping to make sense of proper exercising and stretching for the knee and back. I love how you explain.
  • Alice
    Thank you very much for your strong knees dvd. I just used it today and noticed NO knee pain despite doing kung fu x 2 hours!!! It is a blessing. Thanks!
  • Kanti
    Firstly, I want to thank you very much for your DVD, "Strong Knees". YOUR EXERCISES SEEM TO HAVE STRENGTHENED THE NECESSARY MUSCLES TO A GREAT EXTENT. You would not believe how great I feel, not having the constant pain and importantly, not having to take the pain medication. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  • Nita
    After a hard workout I pop in your DVD and my knees feel better immediately after I complete the DVD. Thank you for your research and knowledge in this area. I have spent tons of money trying to feel better and your DVD does it all.
  • Lucy
    Just a quick note to let you know that your DVD on strong knees has been fantastic. I'm doing the exercises regularly as suggested and I really do feel the difference. Your explanations on how certain muscles support knee movement are excellent. Thanks for a great exercise DVD!
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