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Fitness Resources


Health Habitravels is a company owned and operated by my friend Tannis Kabrinsky.  Tannis is a Pilates, Yoga and Gyrotonic instructor as well as a travel expert who has combined her love for fitness with her joie de vivre.

This is a great, luxury active travel company that combines “ecotourism, cultural tours, healthy spa vacations, Pilates retreats with Yoga and Gyrotonic ® mind-body practices”. 

From Italy to the Galapagos Islands to Ojai, Health Habitravels will take you on a completely different travel adventure that you will never forget.


Tracey is an international fitness expert, author of the books “Sexy in 6” and “Super Fit Mama”, AND a dear friend. Tracey’s website is full of great fitness articles and inspirational weight loss stories. She has over 15 exercise DVDs on the market.  If you are looking to get in shape, Tracey is your girl. Her DVD cover every exercise style; from Yoga to Pilates to Boot Camp to old-school Cardio. She even has a fantastic Pregnancy DVD.

Life Coaching Resources


The Handel Group is a truly innovative life coaching company.  They work with many fitness and nutrition experts and even have a weight loss program addressing the thinking behind overeating. I have worked directly with some of their coaches and find that life coaching is also a perfect compliment to rehabilitation.  The coaches at The Handel Group can help you deal with the emotional issues associated with going through a physical challenge as well as help you understand and manage the unhealthy thought processes that can limit your physical recovery.

Ergonomic Resources


Omega Health Systems provides onsite and online ergonomic solutions for risk assessment and injury prevention in the workplace.  Their ergonomic expert, Brad Hutchins, is featured in the Pain Free At Work DVD.  Brad and I graduated from physical therapy school together and he was such a great wealth of knowledge during the creating of the ergonomic segment for the DVD. 


Remedy Interactive is the injury prevention software company behind RSIGuard.  I partnered with them in order to offer you their great product. I’ve got RSIGuard on my computer right now – reminding me to take breaks and be good to myself while I work.

Fitness Equipment


This company offers some great fitness equipment and rehabilitation products.  If you need a foam roller for the Pain Free at Work DVD, this is the place to order one.