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MORE Magazine selected the STRONG KNEES DVD among one of the best workout DVD's for 2010

Whether you've got five or 50 minutes to spare, there's an exercise plan for you.

Strong Knees

You’ll need: A strap (or towel)
Level: Beginner to intermediate

If your knees have started to ache, trying this 30-minute routine could be a good first step to take. Physical therapist Chantal Donnelly clearly explains how various lower body muscle groups affect your knees (who knew your biggest butt muscle has an impact?), then offers simple exercises to make those muscles stronger and more flexible. Best feature: You can pick and choose which moves you like to create a customized workout. Donnelly is a pleasant presence, probably very easy to watch on repeat viewings. If you’re in a rush, there’s a 7-minute workout included.

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