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Chantal teaches you an exercise designed to strengthen the glut muscles without adding undue stress to the knee joint. Decrease knee pain using this simple glut strengthening exercise.

Physical therapist Chantal Donnelly, owner of Body Insight in Los Angeles, has seen firsthand how the right exercise routine can easy knee pain and improve mobility. Here, she offers moves from her DVD, Strong Knees, and website, bodyinsight.com. As always, clear any new exercise with your doctor first. 

Chantal designed this exercise routine specifically for those with joint aches and pains.  These 6 exercises will help strengthen muscle without putting stress on achey joints.  The workout targets knee strengthening, shoulder stabilization and hip exercises.

Women's Adventure Magazine: Join Forces For Healthy Joints

Learn how to protect your knees when participating in winter sports such as downhill skiing, ice skating and snowboarding. Prevention is the key to having an injury-free winter on the slopes. In this article, Chantal Donnelly explains why women are more susceptible to knee injuries and how we can improve our chances at enjoying winter sports without knee pain.

In this article, exercise physiologist Nicole Dorsey, arthritis expert Dr. Richard Blau and physical therapist Chantal Donnelly join forces to guide those with joint pain and chronic joint stiffness on proper exercises for their condition. Learn how to minimize arthritic aches and pains by strengthening muscles around painful arthritic joints.


Got Osteoporosis? Try These 6 Bone-Building Exercises

In this article, physical therapist Chantal Donnelly teams up with exercise physiologist Nicole Dorsey to create 6 exercises specifically designed for those with Osteoporosis. Learn how to strengthen muscles without compromising your joints and fragile bone associated with osteoporosis.


Whether you've got five or 50 minutes to spare, there's an exercise plan for you.

If your knees have started to ache, trying this 30-minute routine could be a good first step to take. Physical therapist Chantal Donnelly clearly explains how various lower body muscle groups affect your knees (who knew your biggest butt muscle has an impact?), then offers simple exercises to make those muscles stronger and more flexible.

Gaiam Life: Balance Ball Therapy

In this article, Chantal Donnelly explains why a stability ball is so effective at addressing common knee problems and back pain. There are explanations and photos of some of the top physical therapy exercises for knee pain and back pain.

Gaiam Life: Best Ways to Ease Knee Pain

Chantal Donnelly gives her top advice on avoiding knee pain.

Showing items 1 - 10 of 20 total (Page 1 of 2)