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Stress Management In The Workplace

Learning the signs of workplace stress and how to manage it are critical to maintaining good health. How do you manage your stress in the workplace?

Stress negatively impacts your body.  The Pain Free at Work DVD would not be complete without some discussion on how to alleviate stress at work and minimize its effects on the body. Here is some additional information on stress management in the workplace to help you:

What Workplace Stress Can Do To Your Body

Decrease your immune system
Slow healing of tendons, ligaments and other tissue within the body
Negatively affect your sleep
Cause Depression or Anxiety
Change your eating habits
Digestive problems
Jaw Pain
Increase blood pressure
Chest Pain
Speed up aging

Signs of Stress at Work

Decreased energy
Easily angered
Fear of failure at work
Decreased ability to focus
Negative Thoughts
Inability to finish work projects
Feeling overwhelmed

Workplace Stress Management Techniques

Just as there are many, many types of stress, there are just as many stress management techniques.  No one technique is the magic bullet.  I’ve talked to a variety of  stress management experts and find that, despite their different approaches, they all have advice that can help us. 

Here are some resources to assist you in your search for the RIGHT METHOD of stress reduction FOR YOU:

Workplace Stress Management: Try Life Coaching:

Whether it is your perfectionism, negative self-talk or your tendency to avoid conflict that is causing your stress, life coaches help you get to the root of the problem.  One of my favorite life coaching companies is the Handel Group.  I interviewed one of their top coaches, Laurie Gerber, on her advice for managing stress at work. I LOVE this interview. Laurie is so on target with her advice.  Have a listen and hear for yourself.

Listen to the Dealing With Stress In The Workplace Podcast
Laurie Gerber from
the Handel Group

Handel Group logoFor more information on the Handel Group, go to www.handelgroup.com or e-mail the Handel group directly at http://www.handelgroup.com/contact

Manage Work Stress with Meditation and Deep Breathing

It is easy to want to withdraw from other people when you are stressed out and depressed, but being around friends and family can decrease your bodies stress hormone levels. 

Manage Stress At Work with Exercise

I recommend some form of cardiovascular/aerobic exercise to reduce stress.  Breaking a sweat can release endorphins, which not only make you feel better but can reduce pain as well.  Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi are also great stress busters because they are what I call "meditation in movement".