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Foam Rollers

Foam RollersThe Pain Free at Work DVD has an optional 5 -minute foam roller "After Work Workout".  Foam rollers are ideal for people who spend a lot of time at a desk. They enable you to open up your chest and shoulders and provide a good way to work on core stability.

You will need a standard size foam roller (6" x 3') for the Pain Free at Work workout.

For your convenience, I have partnered up with Perform Better! and you can purchase your Foam Rollers here.

Perform Better is also a great place to find any other fitness equipment you may need for the Pain Free At Work DVD (such as an exercise mat or stability ball).  They have a good selection of exercise tools and fitness equipment for most fitness goals.  Check out their exercise bands and tubing, BOSU Balance Trainers and Posture Balls.