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Injury Prevention Exercises & Education

I created Body Insight in 2006 as a way of providing injury prevention through exercise and education. The company’s mission is to produce high-quality products that will give people the tools they need to take care of themselves and to manage or prevent back / knee pain or repetitive strain injury

Please don't choose to disregard your knee, back or neck pain until it is too overwhelming to ignore.

As a physical therapist, I am dismayed that my patients don't come to see me sooner. Preventing the aches and pains commonly associated with aging is much easier with back exercises and knee exercises rather than treating the problem ten years down the line.

I hope this website will give you some body insight in order to stop knee pain, neck pain, arm pain and back pain now. With knee stretches and low back stretches, you can prevent more complicated problems later.

My mission is to give you the tools to help you move better,  feel better, and be a better you.